Audio books scoring

Scoring audio books and creating a wonderful audio picture of each emotion and action with a specially written unique music and real atmosphere of your story.

Unique music and real atmosphere

We love creating such audio stories for our clients and develop impressive products.
Try to listen to one of our samples right now and decide whether you would like to order scoring your book in the similar way:


Perfect sound design (music and sound effects) development is also very important part in this business and it requires a special way of its production and valuable attitude.
As novels, which are unique, the music and sfx are also unique, stylish and of high quality. We don’t make a “factory work” to speed the process up, but instead of that we produce a creative work of premium quality.
We create new, original, unique sound and music content, which is going from inspiration, according to our company philosophy and its main ideas.

Our goal is to keep the happy users of your audio books and apps and increase their amount.

The main idea is to develop a unique exclusive music for audio books of any style to make as many books as possible. This is really great job. We don’t use any ready-made stock music. You will have only exclusively specially produced music for your audio stories.
Also we record different sounds in our studio so that to add an exclusive in-house library of unique sounds to your books.

What is the process?

The process looks like a scoring the movie. Sounds and music influence peoples’ imagination even more than in the movie, because everybody can see the individual pictures in their heads. Actually, as a result, you will have an impression that there is a movie in the cinema but with the turned off picture. This wonderful effect will make your listeners to stay as much as it’s possible to listen to this movie with the pictures in their heads.

We can take under consideration the main style of music, you can even send us the music references if you have some of them in mind.
You can send us already recorded text with narrator. We specialize in creating the best sound picture of your texts.


We will take care of making your book content alive with the best sounds and music.