Music and SFX for Video Games and Mobile Apps

We love games and know how to make them sound better.

A couple of music tracks have been composed for games:


We are able to attract long term stable users for your games and increase the amount of audience due to the ripping sound. You will not lose your players, as 70% of games’ success depends on auditory perception of it. Are your gamers attracted by visualization of your app but can’t hear it in a right way? The sound atmosphere of games will not be annoying through careful scoring without any annoying factors and that for sure will keep your users longer in your app! Also we will make better sounding promo video reels, which definitely increase the number of your users.

10 years of experience in creating sound for game development business.

We can work with Uninty and Unreal Engine. We are capable to deliver the sound content in any way, which is comfortable for you. Everything depends on your technical requirements.

Works from our portfolio

Please get in touch with us and send us your project requirements.